Steers sell to red hot demand

As the temperatureclimbed into the high 20s onTuesday afternoon, the very large contingent of buyers moved on to Benambra for Elders’Hereford sale.

Steers sell to red hot demand Bernie Carroll, BJ&JB Carroll, Hinnomunjie, has been using Charolais bulls for about four years because the calves are quiet and grow quickly. This top pen of 10 made $1440.

Mac, 7, and Tilly, 11, were with their grandfather Barry Pendergast. He and wife Lorraine’s Hereford steers topped at $1380, which was $370 up on last year.

Jackie and Kelvin Pendergast, Benambra, had 93 calves in the yard. The steers had pride of place in pen 1 and sold for $1550, $250 more than their top-priced pen last year.

Doug and Reg Tomkins, Benambra sold 56 calves, Hereford and Shorthorn cross. The former Elders agent and son are pictured with 10-month-old steers.

In front, Debbie Marshall, Benambra, Rob Lambourn, Traralgon, and Lenny Marshall, Benambra, holding Ivy Lambourn, who at 10 weeks old was at her first cattle sale. They were with Stephen ‘Jock’ Sievers, who was watching the sale of his wife’s cattle, trading BK Sievers.

Shiela and Graeme Pendergast, Benambra, sold 70 steers from $1070-$1350.

Peter Sykes, Herefords Australia, judge Jason Ronalds, and Hannah Bourke, Herefords Australia, awarded best presented pen to Di and Clive Anderson, Benambra.

Russell and Merilyn Pendergast, RE&ME Pendergast, Benambra, sold 26 steers and 13 heifers at Benambra on Tuesday afternoon. This pen sold for $1480/head.

South Gippsland bullock fattener Graham Osborne (centre) has been buying cattle at the Mountain Calf sales for almost 20 years.

There was a big crowd of buyers and onlookers at Benambra.

Peter Rollason, Elders Pakenham, placing a bid on a pen of calves.

Buyers came from north-east Victoria, throughout Gippsland, the Western District and King Island.

The Elders sale team in action at Benambra.

Repeat buyer Robert Newnham (left), Longford, bid to a possible record heifer price at Benambra of $1510 for this pen of 11 Hereford heifers sold by Max (with wife Margaret) and brother Ray Pendergast, Benambra.

There was a beautiful backdrop behind the selling centre at Benambra.

TweetFacebookFirst pen at Benambra calf saleBenambra is generally known as Pendergast country, and this Hereford sale sees many family members selling their annual drafts. AG&SM Pendergast sold 70 steers from $1070-$1350, Ray and Max Pendergast, 38 steers from $1100-$1440, and WA Pendergast & Sons, 121 steers from $980-$1290. Again here, the younger steers sold very well.

Although this is a Hereford sale, BJ&JB Carroll have a paddock directly across from the saleyard, and they breed a few Charolais-Angus and Charolais-Hereford steers. These steers sold from $1320-$1440, and were of very good quality.

The heifer portion of this sale, generally met with limited competition. As one potential buyer said, “who wants Hereford heifers”. This could well be the case with the whole consignment averaging $998.

Eleven heifers offered by Ray and Max Pendergast sold to very strong competition between two producers, for breeders, who paid $1510 –thought to be a record heifer price at Benambra. Robert Newnham, Longford, secured these heifers. The repeat buyer said he would join them to an Angus bull because while he liked Herefords, including for their docility, black cattle were in higher demand in his area.

Most better quality heifers sold between $950 and $1320, and most of the younger heifers made from $750-$950.

BJ&JB Carroll’sCharolais heifers made $1130-$1200.

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Highland highlight

On Sunday, The Scots School will celebrate Scottish culture at its annual Highland Gathering.

HIGHLAND GATHERING: Drum sergeant Oliver Simpson, piper Timothy Powell, head tenor Katrina Larkings and piper Angus Hattenfels all from The Scots School.

With a strong man competition, equestrian events, Highland dancing and a performance from the New South Wales pipe band, the day is expected to be iconic for Bathurst.

The Scots School promotions and enrolments officer Lynda Ireland said the Highland Gathering is a traditional event for the school.

“It’s a celebration of our tradition and who we are now,” she said.

“It’s a great family day and money raised on the day goes to the P&S [Parents and Seniors Association].

“People are able to watch the events on the oval, around it and on the new pavilion.

“We will also be running school tours.”

All of the bands will play together at the end of the day, with Ms Ireland describing the performance as “very spectacular”.

Rhonwen Hazell, who is on the organising committee for the Highland Gathering, said the days before the event will be busy.

“We have about 15 people on the organising committee,” She said.

“When school came back, we werehaving meetings at least once a month. Now we are having weekly meetings.

“We’ll be going full throttle from Wednesday to Saturday night and we’ll be starting nice and early, at6.30am on Sunday.”

Year seven to 12 students will be allocated a stall, while the junior school stalls will be manned by the parents.

“Most of the kids love the day,” Ms Hazell said.

The event will be held on the main oval, with a wooden castle to be erected by Sunday.

Stalls will encompass the oval, with food on sale, second hand book stalls, a trash and treasure stalland plenty of small businesses selling a whole range of items.

There will also be a vintage car display and the Bathurst Historical Society will also be in attendance.

An informal concert and a barbecue will be held on Saturday afternoon, from 4.30pm to 7.30pm.

The day will commence at 10am and finish by 4pm.

Entry is $2 per person and children under five-years-old get in for free.

Viki pleads: welcome our new refugees

WELCOMING ATTITUDE: Viki Koriaty is urging Wagga residents to open their arms to refugees from the Middle East. Picture: Ken Grimson

BORN in Australia of Lebanese parents, Viki Koriarty knows what it feels like not to be accepted inmainstream society.

“I tried eating Vegemite when I was seven, I thought if I ate Vegemite I would be Australian, and I told people I ate Vegemite, but it didn’t make a difference,” Viki said.

A couple of years earlier, in kindergarten, she took a sandwich to her Wagga school for lunch – halava on Lebanese bread.

“Everyone was looking at me funny and the teacher sniffed at the sandwich,” Viki said.

“On my first day of school I was not allowed to hold the Australian flag.

“It made me realise it was going to be hard to make friends.”

From this background of being ostracised simply because of her heritage, Viki is appealing to the Wagga community to be welcoming of refugees from the Middle East who are being resettled in the city.

Viki believes there are still barriers between Wagga residents and refugees that can be broken down.

“Everyone knows there are refugees in Wagga from Mosul in Iraq, who are the yazidis, and there are Syrians coming,” Viki said.

“With these refugees it is important people realise they are coming here because of trauma in their countries and they can’t go back, but also expect them to be different.

“We can learn from them, from their culture, from their history and their work ethic.

“They are humans who want to make their way in the world just like everyone else.”

Viki urged Wagga people to be aware of refugee sensitivities created by traumatic experiences in war-torn Iraq and Syria.

She said one family was gifted a box of food, but it was left on their front step.

When they discovered the box they were frightened.

“They thought the food could be poisoned, because that is what has happened in their home country,” Viki said.

“Before you give them food or ask them to your home get to know them.”

Viki wants Wagga residents to introduce themselves to the refugees.

“Theyare happy to talk to you, they are happy to interact with you,” she said.

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Nats build for next election

Building the Nats’ brand: Nationals candidate for Collie-Preston Monique Warnock with Member for Warren-Blackwood Terry Redman.

The WA Nationals Party has vowed to continue to build on their presence in theregion afterfailing to secure the seat of Collie-Preston at Saturday’s State Election.

Speaking tothe Mail on Saturday evening,Nationals candidate for Collie-Preston Monique Warnock said the strong swing against the Liberal Government impacted on the Nationals chances.

“The swing was definitely on against the Liberals but the Nationals held all of their seats and that we have been able to stand firm and we have made in-roads into Collie-Preston,” she said.

“I think it is absolutelyopen for the taking in the future, we’ve made a big impression up there and it’s something to build on going forward.”

“I think it was really a swing against the Liberals, traditionally WA does turf Governments out after two terms, we’ve never ever had a situation where an incumbent Government has won a third term.”

“So I think it has got a lot to do with people in WA wanting change.”

Four years time.

Ms Warnock secured13.5 per cent of the votes in the Collie-Preston electorate, andsaid she was pleased with theimpression the Nationals party had made in the region.

“We’ve made some great in-roads for the first time in 16 years in Collie-Preston,” she said.

“I think we ran a really strong campaign, it resonated with a lot of people. We have really built up the Nationals brand in the South West.

“We will continue to build on the brand we have established and position ourselves for the next campaign.”

Ms Warnock thanked her supporters for their efforts during the campaign including former Nationals member for Collie-PrestonDr Hilda Turnbull.

“Thank you to Dr Hilda Turnbull who has been there the whole way through for me, she was the Member for Collie-Preston for twelve years. This is a Nationals seat and we do want it back,” she said.

“We will be there and we will be making some real in-roads for the next election.”

“Sonow is the time for re-building, that starts tomorrow.

“Stay with us, because we are going to start re-building.”

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Car seized in hoon blitz

Waterford-Tamborine Road, Tamborine. Photo: Georgina BaylyA car has been seized as a result of a hooning blitz in Tamborine on March 6.

Police have used a number of overt strategies to target hoons, following numerous reports of illegal race meets at Albert River Place and Waterford-Tamborine Road.

Officers from Jimboomba Police Station, and the Springwood and Queensland traffic branches, conducted Operation Jeho with the assistance of Logan City Council.

Throughout the blitz, 20 traffic infringement notices were issued to people drivingdefective vehicles and three were issuedto provisional driversdisobeying late night road restrictions, driving between 11pm and 5am.

Other infringements included the failureofdisplaying provisional plates, optional equipment fitted non-compliance to vehiclestandards,ground clearance less than allowed andprovisional oneplate attached when not provisional one licence holder.

Police issued an additional three notices to appear –one each for blood alcohol concentration, illegal modification and disqualified driving.

Office in Charge at Jimboomba Police Station Senior Sergeant Peter Waugh said 100 vehicles weredetained and checked at the scene during Operation Jeho.

“One of these vehicles was forfeited and will be sold at auction,” he said.

“We identified a number of provision drivers taking part in the activities and saw an amount of illegal modifications made to vehicles.

“The drivers are putting themselves,other road users andtheir race spectatorsat risk by taking part inthese events and having these modifications.

“We will be conducting follow-ups in the coming weeks to ensure these vehicle modifications have been rectified.”

Senior Sergeant Waugh said police will continue to target the area and other hooning hot spots in the Jimboomba Policing District.

“We appreciate the willingness of the community to get behind reporting of hooning in our areas,” he said.

Hoon Hotline, 13HOON

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